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Kirsty Carter

Kirsty Carter

RETRIEVERS are named for their ability to fetch fallen prey with their “soft” mouths. Easy to train, affectionate and even-tempered, they make great guide dogs, disability support companions and search and rescue and detection dogs. House sitting dogs doesn’t get any better than looking after retrievers.


We cared for 10-year-old Pepper and two-year-old Dickens, a pair of Swiss rolls whose main purpose in life was to acquire cuddles, walks and food, not necessarily in that order. We had a lot of fun being dragged through the snow in the beautiful Swiss resort town of Kandersteg by these two energetic and loveable dogs. 

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Where does Dickens sit when he wants a cuddle? Wherever he wants.

Tummy rub, please. Pepper likes nothing better!

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, four-year-old Riley kept us on our toes. Our house sit was opposite a canal — not unusual for the Netherlands — and beyond the canal was a softball field. Guess where many a well-struck softball finished up? Right. In the canal. Guess who couldn’t resist jumping in to retrieve them during our walks? Right again. Riley. He finished up with quite a collection in the back garden just in our time with him. When he wasn’t collecting softballs he was just a lovely and loveable big guy, seemingly happy to be in our company.

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