Nottingham Jack

Black cat, Jack
Lawrie Masterson

Lawrie Masterson

Lawrie Masterson is an award-winning journalist from Melbourne Australia. In August 2018 he and his partner Kirsty Carter sold everything they couldn't fit into two suitcases, told their families not to wait up and embarked on an open-ended tour of the world.

MEET Jack. Like most rescue animals, he has quite a story and he’s a great survivor. 

Jack is about 16 and has more than a few gray hairs. He lived wild in a car park for about a year before being given a home by Lindsay, our housesitting host in Nottingham. Lindsay was hoping to adopt two cats, but she was instantly drawn to Jack when she saw him on a shelter’s web site and felt he would be the one for her.

Jack’s attraction to Lindsay wasn’t so instant. He disappeared under her book case for about three months, emerging only for the absolute necessities. Then one day, Lindsay says, he just wandered over, hopped on her lap and made himself comfortable. Jack was home.

The past year or so was pretty rough for him. Jack has pancreatitis and is recovering from a stroke, so he is on regular medication, plus drops for an eye ulcer he developed.  He is a very good, tolerant patient; sleeps a lot; is not remotely interested in all the birds in Lindsay’s back garden; and can still manage to jump on the bed occasionally.

He’s just an all-round lovely old guy, really.

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