Cocker spaniels

Kirsty Carter

Kirsty Carter

THE spaniel (“Spanish dog”) has been beloved in Europe and then US for hundreds of years.  Cocker spaniels, with their soft, floppy ears and sweet personality, were officially recognised as a breed in England in the late 1800s. Cockers are known for their friendliness and gentle nature, are fabulous family dogs and happy in apartments.

We cared for Piwi, a 12-year-old, deaf cocker spaniel, in Slovakia. Piwi loved to go for long walks in the forest with her nose to the ground; cuddling up on the sofa in front of the TV; and sleeping on the floor near us at night. She also loved paddling through mud puddles and willingly submitted to a daily paw and tummy wash! Because of her deafness, Piwi always kept her eye on us when we went walking. She got on well with her friends, Jack Russell siblings Saffie and Milo, and was an absolute delight. If you get a chance to look after a cocker spaniel, don’t pass it up.

Piwi in her favourite spot on the sofa.

Piwi and Saffie having a cuddle.

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