Pet sitting blue heelers

blue heeler

House sitting blue heelers: How descendants of the Australian dingo became intelligent, loyal — and cuddly — working dogs.

Border collies

BORDER collies are most closely associated with being working dogs, especially around sheep. Highly intelligent, obedient, loyal and swift moving, they were bred on the Scottish Borders specifically for that purpose. But they can also make great pets, although the few we’ve cared for seem to have needed plenty of “work” — that is, a […]

Airedale terriers

AIREDALES, frequently known as the King of Terriers, can weigh up to 32kg and grow to 58cm tall. Like other members of the terrier family they are strong, courageous and exuberant. You won’t find them backing down from an encounter with other dogs but they are also make affectionate and cuddly family pets. We had […]

House sitting dogs – retrievers

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RETRIEVERS are named for their ability to fetch fallen prey with their “soft” mouths. Easy to train, affectionate and even-tempered, they make great guide dogs, disability support companions and search and rescue and detection dogs. House sitting dogs doesn’t get any better than looking after retrievers.   We cared for 10-year-old Pepper and two-year-old Dickens, […]