Pet sitting blue heelers

blue heeler

House sitting blue heelers: How descendants of the Australian dingo became intelligent, loyal — and cuddly — working dogs.


housesitting nashville

Nashville – explore country music’s epicentre, crammed with bars and honky tonks where live music is pumped out 17 hours a day.

Nottingham Jack

Black cat, Jack

MEET Jack. Like most rescue animals, he has quite a story and he’s a great survivor.  Jack is about 16 and has more than a few gray hairs. He lived wild in a car park for about a year before being given a home by Lindsay, our housesitting host in Nottingham. Lindsay was hoping to […]

Border collies

BORDER collies are most closely associated with being working dogs, especially around sheep. Highly intelligent, obedient, loyal and swift moving, they were bred on the Scottish Borders specifically for that purpose. But they can also make great pets, although the few we’ve cared for seem to have needed plenty of “work” — that is, a […]


housesitting cat Australia

WHAT do you get if you cross a siamese cat with a burmese?  A tonkinese, an often lively and “talkative” cat long recognised as their own natural breed. Their appearance can vary (long or the more common shorthair, and different colours) and they can be deceptively heavy despite their long, slender build.  It has been […]