House sitting videos


Get the inside story on what hosts look for in house sitters, what they offer house sitters. Listen now and find out what you need to travel the world at a fraction of the cost.

Charlea from Cairo

In Cairo we met Charlea, originally from Vietnam. She looked part jackal but, again, was the most gentle and sweet-natured girl who loved nothing more than fetching her toys.  Somehow we think the rescue animals give back more than they get.

Wahshi – the wild one

Wahshi the dog and Kirsty. Vietnam 2019

IN Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we made fast friends with Wahshi (meaning wild one), an imposing giant who looked part doberman and was often given a wide berth by other people on the street. But he was a sweetheart who constantly had one ear cocked, the other floppy. He actually tried to get in […]

Hotel Hampshire

housesitting rescue cat UK

During one sit in the UK, we looked after six cats our hosts had rescued in Cyprus. They had little “cat bunks” in a back room and would retire of their own accord about 10 o’clock each night … although one or two might have taken some persuading.

One-eyed Cris

Of all the animals from our housesits that we have featured on social media, one-eyed Cristobel from Tenerife, on the Canary Islands, has attracted the most likes.About nine years old, he was terribly abused when used as live bait to train fighting dogs. His left eye was gouged out to put him at an even […]

Airedale terriers

AIREDALES, frequently known as the King of Terriers, can weigh up to 32kg and grow to 58cm tall. Like other members of the terrier family they are strong, courageous and exuberant. You won’t find them backing down from an encounter with other dogs but they are also make affectionate and cuddly family pets. We had […]